Batworm Tape

by Batworm

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    Philly Raw Punk | Released March 2013 on Mold Crow

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released March 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Batworm Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

bleaked out philly grime
maimed by mash
rust and hash

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Track Name: Batworm Tape

Putrid and rotten these nights months and years
Blackened and boiled, fuzzed out and seared
Covered in these things that smell like a still
They harvest my body, they beg me to kill

We terrorize and vomitize
With bourbon blood and crimson eyes
This villany, a travesty
It's now the only life I see
Partially murdered incessantly, my history
A skull filled with batworms
Lungs filled with fleas

Lairs like dungeons, my graveyard of flies
Morbid tales and Motorhead, the crow caws inside
It's summoning and conjuring the bleak, bruised and slime
This harrowing, and sickening, insane drunken time

Green growth on open sores
Drown it down in booze
These demons days, a gory haze
A rite I can't refuse
It's villainy, mentality
All smoke and screams and noise
Obsessed by these batworms, confined to abuse

Shades of green grasses die
Boys or girls sniffing terpentine
A gaze above, a nightmare glows
Living here you'll always grow mold

"Hickory Hashknife"

One in the blade
Two in the handle
My organ festers
Pressed in a chair
You say I'm poisoned
I'll call it hunched
The hash reeks of pavement
And boils and narcotics
This room's a mess
Yellow-green gauze
I'll chop it up small
And watch the snakes hatch
A blighted sound
That moans to get high
A skeleton
An ashtray sky
I'll call this living
You say I'll die
One in the blade
One in the fucking blade

Hickory Hashknife

"Gritted to the Bone"

Seared to the core
Can't get high no more
Bleak, lost and grey
Gritted by these days
The dry day hits
This moonover kills
A morning of rye
A dinner of pills

My dirt and skin
Must reek inside
A spine depraved
With ooze and grime

"Summon the Crow"

Bloodlust night
Day's demise
Ground is cold
The night's invoke
Skin is raw

By moon's deceit
And whiskey hex
Purge this body

Stench of nausea
Stench of lies
Up in smoke
Rusty brain, thoughts haze
Ashtray of soiled organs

All loss of control
My grip I can't hold

Summon the Crow


I need a flamethrower
Any size will do
A burning brain, a flaming rain
My eyes rolled back with glue

My larynx sore, my fingers raw
This thing has been to hell and back
I'm drenched alone, the ground is stone
A realm of whiskey, a realm in fact